Los Angeles Leather Coalition Announces Four New Board Members

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Los Angeles Leather Coalition

Los Angeles Leather Coalition Announces Four New Board Members

Los Angeles, CA— The Los Angeles Leather Coalition announces the election of four new members of its Board of Directors, as well as the full slate of officers and board members for 2016-2017.

Jonathan Wright who served as Chairman of the LALC for the past four years, and recently announced his retirement received a resounding round of applause and community support at the annual meeting of the Board.

Incoming LALC Chairman, Marlon Morales said, “We are proud of Jon’s tireless work to make this community stronger. During his tenure, LALC has experienced exceptional fiscal solvency, transparent governance, produced world-renowned events, awarded an ever-increasing amount in charitable gifts to worthy causes, and provided crucial leadership on important issues facing our community. Many of the initiatives that Jon has helped drive, including the LA30 giving circle, LALeatherPride’s VIP Reception, and charity partner partnerships, have garnered attention as national models of what the leather community can aim to become.”

The board also recognized the dedicated efforts of outgoing board members Howie Ramirez, Eric Paul Leue, and Brent Sweer who have built up the organization with decades of experience. “Jon and the outgoing members are leaving the LALC in a position of great strength with a dedicated board to take on new challenges and opportunities,” added Marlon. “Our community is more vibrant and engaged due to their leadership and they have set the path for greater positive impact in the years to come.”

New Board Members for 2016-17

Joining the Board of Directors are Caleb Engen, Gus Norris, Michael Lara, and Patrick Smith. “All four of our newest Board Members embody the spirit of community service and bring talent, expertise and energy to the table. We are very fortunate to have them by our side as we continue to strengthen the Leather community in Los Angeles,” said incoming Chairman, Marlon Morales.

Caleb Engen, LALC’s newest board member, is the current Mr. Oil Can Harry’s Leather  title holder and recipient of the Mr. Los Angeles Brotherhood Award. Caleb is looking to add his unique vision and perspective to the events surrounding and leading up to the Mr. Los Angeles Leather contest.

Gus Norris found the leather community in 2009, making Pistons Bar in Long Beach his home away from home. He won the title of Mr. Pistons Leather in 2013, and since has dedicated his leather journey to welcoming the curious and producing events of all types – first for Pistons as their titleholder, then for the Los Angeles Band of Brothers as their Communications Officer.  Most recently before joining the Board of the LALC, Gus contributed to the Los Angeles Leather Pride committee as Feeder Contest Coordinator.  He is very excited to continue the work of the LALC, building community among LA’s diverse leather organizations.

Patrick Smith is International Mr. Leather 2015, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015, and Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2015. Active in politics, Patrick’s work has focused on international and domestic LGBT community activism. He has traveled the world, bringing the IML sash to countries spanning Africa, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean to meet with prominent LGBT activists and to learn about how western society can make a difference. His writing on LGBT issues can be found in The Advocate and numerous other publications.

Michael Lara lives in North Hollywood and owns and runs the very successful Bullet Bar. He is a  member of the Mid-Town North Hollywood neighborhood council. Michael has been the recipient of  several awards for community out reach in both the gay and also the heterosexual communities.

About the LALC

The Los Angeles Leather Coalition is a non-profit 501 (c) 4 organization. Its mission is to facilitate communication and mutual understanding among different segments of the leather – affiliated community, as well as promote unity through cooperative endeavors and events that offer entertainment, education, social interaction, and community service. The LALC also produces an annual festival (LA Leather Pride) in furtherance of these goals. LALC pledges to support its constituents’ events and activities, and will work to increase mutual participation in and cooperation among the community. Elections are held yearly at the annual meeting in August.

For more information about the LALC visit lalc.info.

The slate of board members for 2016 is listed below.

Marlon Morales, Chairman
Gus Norris, Vice Chair
Caleb Engen, Secretary
Patrick Smith, Treasurer
Kevin Casey
Miss Diana
Alan Stroik
Michael Lara
Apolonio Muñoz

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