The Southland Honors was started in 2003 by then LALC Chairman Kevin Casey as the Annual Awards Ceremony hosted by the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, to honor leaders and volunteers in our local community. 2018 marks our 15th Anniversary and we are proud to once again open nominations for local members of the community to nominate those individuals who are stellar people, without which LA would not have such a diverse and thriving Leather & BDSM Community.

The Southland Honors are nominated by the Greater LA Community by public nomination and the LALC Community Partners & Board select the recipients, with the exception of the Community Choice Woman, Man and Cultural Arts Awards which are selected by a public vote.

To view the names of current & previous Southland Honors Recipients, please click here. Our current Award Categories are as follows:

  • Olga Perez-Stable Legacy Award – Member of the community, over the age of 50 who has dedicated a large portion of their self to and touched the lives of many in the community.
  • George Wong Person of the Year Award – Which Person (man or woman) has been most active, or been the biggest influence on, or spokesperson for the Southland Leather community in the past year?
  • Jeff Burnam Community Service Award – This award recognizes those who are of service for altruistic reasons rather than for personal gain or publicity. These folks work quietly and consistently in the background to make community groups, events and services succeed. Consider the individual’s follow through as well as their intentions when nominating for this award. Those who are at the event first and leave last, or those who are nearly always there without being asked to lend a hand are good candidates for this award.
  • Business (or Business Person) of the Year Award – What Business has been the most visible, active or influential in the past year.
  • Event of the Year Award – What event was the most fun, groundbreaking, interesting or significant in the past year?
  • Club/Organization of the Year Award – What Club, Organization or Group has been the most visible, active or influential in the past year?
  • The Next Generation Award – This award recognizes individuals 35 or under at the time of nomination who stand out from the rest of the pack. They are present, visible, active, and willing participants in their communities.
  • Mentor of the year – Individual who has gone above and beyond mentoring and aiding those new to the community.
  • Cultural Arts Award – This award is given to the person or collective who has expressed them self and our community through the arts. In one of many forms such as plays, photographs, poetry, performance art, mixed media and more. This person or collective transcend the fundamentals of leather and kink in a cause to enlighten the mainstream.
  • Community Choice Woman Award
  • Community Choice Man Award
  • Chairman’s Award